Places of interest on the Saar and Upper Moselle

2000 years of high culture - a fascinating world of experience from antiquity to the present day

The Saar-Obermosel holiday region offers numerous cultural and natural experiences. Celtic and Roman artefacts can be found in many places. Visitors encounter evidence of history at every turn. The present blends harmoniously with the past. Tranquil nooks and crannies can be found in many villages as well as in the towns of Saarburg and Konz.


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Museums on the Saar and Moselle

Discover the rich cultural and historical heritage of our region!

Here in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg, Europe can be experienced in the landscape and in the lives of the people who share a common language and history. We invite you to discover the rich cultural and historical heritage of our region!


3-D model

Kastel-Staadt hermitage national monument

The 3D model of the hermitage in Kastel-Staadt shows true-to-original images of the national monument.


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In the footsteps of the Romans on the Saar and Moselle

The Romans, wine and much more ...

The Romans ruled our region for the first five centuries. Trier (Augusta Treverorum) became the capital of the Western Roman Empire in the 4th century and the largest city north of the Alps. The well-developed long-distance road led from the Mediterranean via Lyon, Metz and Konz and connected Trier with the centre of the Roman Empire. The Romans not only brought us wine, but also left behind numerous traces that you can still visit today.


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"Lauschtouren" on the Saar and Moselle

With the "Lauschtour" audio guides, you can discover the culture and history of the Saar-Obermosel region in a completely new way - interesting, amusing and surprising!

A total of 6 tours will take you to exciting places, fascinating cultural monuments and through marvellous landscapes. You will be accompanied by many experts on the region who will tell you something. As if you were standing right next to them.


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