Elbling Wine

The Upper Moselle is the growing region for the Elbling grape. This wine was loved by the ancient Romans. It was they who planted the first Elbling on the Moselle. This traditional grape, which has always been a particular favourite of lovers of dry varieties, has to this day been kept as single variety.


Elbling is young, bold, tangy and dry. A wine of today with character and a lot of spirit, simply special, light and drinkable in body with a robust bite. Elbling has gained considerable renown, not least because of its excellent suitability for sparkling wine production.

Many wine growers produce their own Elbling sparkling wine according to the traditional, hand-riddled method, “à la methode champagnoise”. Germany’s leading wine journalists awarded Elbling the ETOS prize, an award which honours outstanding contributions to improving the quality of German wine.