“Widdertshäuschen”, Serrig

Second local entry road coming from Saarburg, across the railway bridge, right into Martinusstrasse, follow the road

Across from the Kastel-Staadt plateau, in a field on the right-hand side of the Saar, is one of the most unusual Gallo-Roman tombs in the region. An opening of approximately 2.2. x 2.4m and 90cm deep has been cut into an enormous block of sandstone in order to take in corpses for burial. The huge cover consists of a block of stone which has been arranged like the roof of a house with two adjoining pitched roofs. On one of the gable surfaces is an inscription which can now only be read with difficulty. It tells us that M. Restionius Restitutius, M. Restitutius Auroria(nus) and Restiuatia Auro(riana) had this tomb erected in their lifetime. As three people had to be buried here, the massively heavy cover had to be lifted or at least pushed away twice more after the first burial.