Saar Bridge, Konz

During Roman times, a bridge spanned the River Saar in Konz. An important public highway (via publica) ran across it, leading from the Mediterranean to Trier via Metz.

In 371 the bridge over the Saar is mentioned in Ausonius’ Mosella. He describes how it divided the river into six sections before it reached its estuary. It also featured five bridge piers. The remains of these bridge piers made from red sandstone are still in existence, as this bridge was constantly repaired until it was finally demolished in 1934. In Roman times the actual bridge was almost certainly a wooden construction, which was only replaced in the Middle Ages by stone arches. The area became known for the Battle of the Konz Bridge under General Grana against the French on August 11th 1675, when King Ludwig XIV and Emperor Leopold confronted each other.