The Amüseum at the waterfall in Saarburg

54439 Saarburg, Am Markt 29, Phone: +49(0)6581-994642

Presenting traditional Saarburg trades: such as e.g. printer, tanner, bell founder, cobbler and mariner. The Amüseum also houses the oldest turbine still in operation as well as interesting temporary exhibitions. The building in which the Amüseum is located can boast of a long and eventful history. In 1657 it was built as an electoral mill at the picturesque location of the waterfall. The town hall was located beside the mill for a long time, so that the complex of buildings soon became the centre of the guild system and town life. In 1900 the town hall burnt down. Even the mill was in operation up to that point, before it was converted to an electrical power station. In 1935 RWE Energie purchased the former mill and began producing electricity using the new turbine. Today the building is in municipal ownership and houses a gallery for contemporary art alongside the museum.