The Four Elements

As part of the cultural campaign “Spiegelbilder” from the Saarburg association of local authorities, four sculptures were designed and created in 2007. They symbolise the four elements of creation, "earth”, “fire”, “water” and “air”.

The Romanian artist Joan Thimmel created the “earth” sculpture from a single block on location at the course of the Saar in Ayl-Biebelhausen. It grows out of the earth like an oversized mooring rope. The knot simultaneously symbolises the connection between heaven and earth.

The “fire” sculpture, made from forged iron, was created by the artist Louis Theobald from Lorraine. The sculpture, which stands at the shipping pier in Saarburg, shows the two faces of fire. So, one side of the globe invokes the life-giving power of the element, while the other side shows the all-consuming properties of fire.

The “water” sculpture at the flood protection dam in Schoden by artists Cordue & Klüver deals with the geological creation story. The three horizontal waves offset against each other are a usable object and invite you to sit down and linger a while.

The Saarbrücken artist Igor Michailow worked with the element “air”. The sculpture has found its place on the Saar in Serrig and represents his efforts to give a form to time and space in his art.


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