The Saarburg (the castle at the Saar)

Burgberg Saarburg


The once proud and might castle, one of the first and most beautiful hill castles in the West, was built by Count Siegfried of Luxembourg in 964. Siegfried had his residence in Luxembourg, Saarburg was for him an important strategic base in the southeast of his territory. The ring surrounding the castle was 137m long and up to 50m wide. The upper and lower parts of the castle building and the Electoral House in the upper part of the castle courtyard were connected with corridors and protective walls.

The outer walls stood 12 to 15m high, fitted with embrasures and spyholes, above the precipitous cliffs. At 60m deep, the castle well almost reached the bed of the Saar. 107 steps lead to the viewing platform in the upper part of the round tower. The castle keep - a primary defence system over 1,000 years old - was never destroyed. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the wide view of the Saar valley. The castle site is freely accessible.