Karthaus Abbey in Konz-Karthaus

Brunostraße, Konz


The abbey was originally built in 1331 by Archbishop Balduin of Luxembourg in Trier, outside the city walls. In the French-Palatinate war in 1674 the abbey was destroyed. After a long search for a suitable location, the abbey was rebuilt between 1680 and 1730 in Merzlich (today, Konz-Karthaus) in accordance with the plans of the Mainz master builder Vitus Schneider. In 1794 the abbey was captured by French troops, abandoned by the monks and shortly thereafter secularised. After several changes of ownership, reconstruction and deterioration, it finally underwent a complete renovation from 1963-1987.


The church serves as the Catholic parish church for Karthaus and the former abbey as a community centre and cultural centre. Today only the south wing of the former abbey complex remains. Only the cellars remain of the north wing.


Tip: Cultural events in Karthaus Abbey are listed in the cultural guide for the city of Konz.