Saar Wine Trail

Wiltinger Scharzhofberg, Kanzemer Altenberg, Ayler Kupp, Ockfener Bockstein ... these are names to make the heart skip a beat. This is where wines with an international reputation are produced.

The 80 km-long Saar Wine Trail leads through the most famous wine regions to the most beautiful viewpoints and on to impressive sights. A basic level of fitness is required for climbing up the steep vineyard hillsides and back down to the wine-producing villages in the Saar Valley.

But the hike isn’t all that strenuous, there are numerous vineyards and wine taverns along the way to tempt visitors in to take a rest and of course to enjoy the unique Saar wine. During your hike, find out interesting facts on viticulture, history, architecture, geology, climate, flora and fauna over a total of 22 maps. The combination of culture, history and a unique riparian and wine-producing landscape is what makes the Saar Valley so appealing and unique.



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