Nittel - Konz (22,5 km - hiking time approx. 6,5 h)

Rocks and fields in between the Saar and Moselle


Steep rock faces and wide open fields characterize this leg. Already when leaving the wine growing village Nittel, the hiker is rewarded with breath-taking view of the Moselle Valley and the impressive lime stone rocks. The cliff which was created by the Triasmeer more than 210 million years ago. The visual sedimentary layers give us a glimpse at the Earth`s history. The Moselsteig Trail runs through the Nittler Felsen Nature Reserve and impresses with it`s multifaceted surroundings. Taking a little detour to the orchid fields, you can admire the rare plants in their natural environment. The hike continues throught the forest and finally, along the cross path stations, down to the city of Konz. The city located at the mouth of the Saar invites as the Volkskunde- und Freilichtmuseum Roscheider Hof (Open Air Cultural History Museum Roscheider Hof).





Length: 22.5 km

Hiking time: approx. 6.5 h

Level of difficulty: medium

Incline: 530 m

Slope: 530 m

Highest point: 340 m