Maria Croon Way – Through the Leuk Valley from Saarburg to the Saar Loop

Maria Croon was born on May 13th, 1891 as Maria Brittnacher in the small village of Meurich in Saargau. The down-to-earth regional writer mainly dealt with real people from her direct surroundings in her poetry and writing, thereby providing a detailed picture of the relationships that existed then between Moselle, Leuk and Saar.

As a trained teacher she taught in various village schools, ultimately marrying her colleague Nikolaus Croon and settling with him in Britten near Losheim. She died there in March 1983. She is buried in her home town of Meurich.

The Maria Croon Way runs alongside the long-distance hiking trail G1 from Saarburg all the way into Orscholz in Saarland. The route tracks the Leuk Valley at all times. For that reason it is recommended that you start at the Leuk estuary.

Length: 18 km
Characteristics: Hiking along wide forest trails
Marking: Maria Croon Way logo, brown millwheel on a white background