Konz Tälchen

Trail: 8 km - approx. 2 hours
Start: Car park below the firing range in Jeuchental
Marking: Loop route (3) and (4)

On loop route (3) you hike uphill, crossing L 138 up to the road which leads from Berendsborn to Kommlingen. Through the Kommlingen district you remain on the road in the direction of Oberemmel. After the last building you turn left into the forest and onto the loop route (4) which brings you to Niedermennig. In Niedermennig, stay on loop route (4), passing the fish pond, to reach the departure point in the Jeuchental car park.

Konzer Tälchen adventure trail

The Konzer Tälchen is a fantastic landscape dotted with lush meadows, forests and gently rolling hills on which the vines grow. The new adventure trail allows you to experience the unique landscape in the Konzer Tälchen for yourself. Hikers will hear stories about a very special landscape: from the wide bow of an ancient meander, to wine on 400 million year-old shale, from former mills… What stones can tell us, why plants measure temperatures and why slate roofs are so important are all explained to the traveller on eight informative boards (A-H) along the journey through time and the Konzer Tälchen. The start of the 8 km-long discovery trail is the car park at the swimming pool in Konz or from the centre of Oberemmel. Follow the signs from there.

Further information can also be found on the internet: www.konzer-taelchen.de




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