6 days hiking without luggage

Wiltinger Scharzhofberger, Kanzemer Altenberg, Ayler Kupp, Ockfener Bockstein... these are names to make the heart skip a beat. This is where wines with an international reputation are grown. Look down into the valley from dizzying heights. Far below in the bright sunlight the Saar sparkles as it snakes its way around. You can feel the warmth of the sun in the shale stone, which shimmers blue-brown in the steep hillsides. The best terroir for a very special wine. Grand wine castles, wonderful winemakers’ villas and farmhouses dot the route and are testament today to the wealth that the Saar wine brought about 100 years ago. Today a new generation of winemakers with high standards of quality are bringing about a renaissance in Saar wine.

Day 1:


Arrive at the pre-booked accommodation in Konz, at the confluence of the Saar and Moselle. Overnight stay. To get a feel for the tour we recommend a visit to the open-air museum in Roscheider Hof with its interesting wine exhibition.

Day 2:

Romantic Konzer Tälchen (15 km)

The first stage leads through romantic “Konzer Tälchen”. The Moselle once flowed here, millions of years ago. Through the top vineyard of Wiltinger Scharzhofberger (this is where the most expensive wine grows) you’ll reach Wiltingen. Overnight stay.

Day 3:

The Wilting Saar Loop – wild and unspoilt (18 km)

You’ll hike through steep hillside vineyards, around the Wiltinger Saar Loop nature reserve with its river jetties and rapids. Through Kanzem and Schoden you’ll arrive in Ockfen, at the foot of the Ockfener Bockstein. Overnight stay.

Day 4:

Wine castles (15 km)

Through the vineyards of Irsch and the neighbouring forest area, you’ll reach Serrig, with its wine castles and former demesne. The hiking trail takes you on through Saarburg to Ayl. Overnight stay.

Day 5:

Sunny hillside vineyards (15 km)

You’ll hike around the famous Ayler Kupp, through a former valley of the Saar, to Wawern. Along the Wawern Knights’ Path via Könen you’ll come to Konz, the departure point of your round trip. Overnight stay.

Day 6:


What’s included

5 nights' accommodation/breakfast in selected hotels/guesthouses, luggage transfer to the next destination, comprehensive description of the route and hiking map, 1 gourmet evening with extensive wine tasting and 3-course menu.

Price per person:

Double room: €329

Single room supplement on request