8-day bike loop tour with luggage transfer

Alternatively: shorten to a 5-day bike loop tour with luggage transfer

Route: mostly even with some slight ascents, except for days 3 and 5 where there are moderate ascents

Day 1:


Arrive at pre-booked overnight accommodation in Trassem in the Leukbachtal. Overnight stay.

Day 2:

View of the Saar Loop (55 km)

The first bike tour leads through the romantic Leukbachtal and the “Kollesleuk Switzerland” nature reserve to Orscholz (view of the famous Saar Loop). Cycle down the mountain to Mettlach on the Saar bike trail back to Trassem. Overnight stay.

Day 3:

Romantic “Konzer Tälchen” (40 km)

The next stage leads through Saarburg (waterfall, castle, historic old town) along the Saar bike trail to Wiltingen. From there the journey continues via Oberemmel through the “Konzer Tälchen”. After a detour to the Roman city of Trier, you’ll cycle along the Moselle bike trail to your destination in Konz. Overnight stay.

Day 4:

On the Saar (66 km)

On the Moselle bike trail you’ll pass the famous “Igel Column”, then along the Sauer bike trail to Echternach (L). On the Luxembourgian side of the river the loop journey leads to Wasserbillig and the ferry back to Konz. Overnight stay.

Day 5:

The former Roman Road (30 km)

From Konz you’ll cycle to Tawern (Roman temple complex, vicus). Through the Mannebachtal, the journey continues over rural Saargau to Wincheringen on the Upper Moselle. Along the Moselle bike trail you’ll reach Palzem. Overnight stay.

Day 6:

On to France (52 km)

Via Nennig (Roman mosaic) you’ll cycle to Schengen in Luxembourg (Schengen Agreement). Before returning to Germany, take a detour to France through Contz-les-Bains, Sierck-les-Bains and Apach. Overnight stay in Palzem.

Day 7:

Moselle-Saar impressions (45 km)

The final stage leads through the Mediterranean style valley of the Upper Moselle, past idyllic wine towns, to the confluence of the Saar and Moselle. You’ll now cycle through the Saar valley with its steep shale hillsides back to Trassem for the departure point for the trip. Overnight stay.

Day 8:


The bike tour can also be shortened to a 5-day bike loop tour. For a description of the tour, see Days 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8. 

What’s included (7 nights)

7 nights' accommodation/breakfast in selected hotels, luggage transfer, ferry tickets incl. bike, comprehensive description of the route and bike trail map.

Price per person: Double room €399

Single room supplement on request

Bike hire: €67

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