Wincheringen (2.067 population)

with the districts Bilzingen und Söst

Wincheringen and its town centre lie above the Moselle. The founders of this pretty wine-producing village - and there is evidence that it was ancestors from the Stone Age – chose well when they selected this place for their settlement. On the other side of the Moselle is the Duchy of Luxembourg. A connecting bridge enables active exchange between both countries. The mediaeval round defence tower, which today is a distinctive feature of Wincheringen, dates back to the Frankish settlement, during which time the town centre grouped around a former water castle. Curiously, it bears the bells of the village church, which does not have a tower itself. In the parish church are some very beautiful old wall and ceiling paintings, which have undergone painstakingly careful restoration. The best way to experience the history of the town and the landscape of the Upper Moselle is on a hike along the “Via Caliga” nature trail. Those who love narrow alleyways, old farmhouses, an ever-changing landscape and the joyful Upper Moselle have come to the right place.

Experience Wincheringen:

Accommodation in hotels and holiday homes, "Via Caliga" Roman trail, wine tasting, Warsberghaus with defence tower, Helen Cross, parish church with wooden altar, wall and ceiling paintings, angling, skating, tennis, bowling, Moselle bridge to Wormeldange (L), outdoor park with boules, basketball, badminton, skating rink and football field, pool complex, wine and market festival in July


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