City of Konz (population 18.000)

with the districts of Filzen, Hamm, Könen, Karthaus, Kommlingen, Niedermennig, Obermennig, Krettnach und Oberemmel


The modern and up-and-coming city of Konz is situated at the confluence of the Saar and Moselle and with its central location offers an ideal starting point for trips into the neighbouring countries of Germany-France-Luxembourg and for cycling tours. Whether it’s the bike trail along the Upper Moselle, Central Moselle, Sauer or Saar, all roads lead to Konz. Konz can boast of a long history. A stony viaduct, reinforced with two towers, crossed the Saar here in Roman times. At that time the place by the important military road was called "Contionacum". Below what is now Kirchenhügel was the summer residence of the Roman Emperor Valentinian I (364-375).

On a visit, the famous Roman poet Ausonius wrote part of his “Mosella” at this place. In the area of the imperial villa, a core settlement sprang up in the Middle Ages with a church, rectory and the castle building of the landlords. The Roman bridge on the other hand points to the strategic importance of the location of Konz, culminating in the early modern era with the battle of the Konzer Brücke in 1675 and accentuated during the Second World War by the intense reinforcement of Konz as part of the construction of the Westwall.


The unique folklore and open-air museum of Roscheider Hof presents the earlier rural daily life of the entire region. The museum shows a Hunsrück village with seven half-timbered houses and original reconstructions of houses and farm buildings, furnished in accordance with their original use and kitted out with household effects.


Karthaus Abbey is located in the district of Karthaus, its impressive baroque facade of red sandstone and cour d'honneur resembling a castle. Today the building is a centre for cultural events.


The city of Konz is a real paradise for active holidaying. As well as cycling andhiking, holidaymakers can choose from numerous leisure pursuits such as fitness and wellness in modern sports facilities, boat trips along the Moselle and Saar, wine tasting, rowing or gliding.

Experience Konz:

Accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes and campsites, folklore and open-air museum at Roscheider Hof, Karthaus Abbey, Roman imperial palace, mouth of the Saar, numerous events, Konz summer concerts, public library, fitness and wellness centres, bowling, angling and angling ponds, bike hire, squash, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, gliding, athletics, carriage rides, covered wagon trips, rowing, horse riding, skating, shipping pier, pleasure boat mooring, water sports, wine tasting, local wine festival on the 3rd weekend in July, art, Konzer Tälchen adventure trail, boules, internet café, sauna, shooting range, skating facilities, Nordic waking obstacle course



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