Konz-Filzen/Hamm (population 430)

The Konz districts of Filzen and Hamm have managed to retain their rural character. As well as a host of smaller farmyards there are some large vineyards, known far beyond the borders of the region. Filzen first appeared in the records as Velse in 1030, its name referring to the “Felsen” or rocks of the Saar.

The district of Hamm is dominated by the Catholic parish church, the nave of which was built in the middle of the 18th century, while its tower dates from the late Roman period. Some way out from the village is the picturesque group of buildings known as Hammerfähre (“Hamm Ferry”).. The residence dating from 1802 was built in place of a mediaeval castle house, which served to protect the ferry operated from this location across the Saar.

Experience Filzen/Hamm:

Village square, old farmhouses and vineyards, tennis, sculpture of Blessed Nikolaus, Hamm ferry, wine tasting, festival on the Sunday after the 2nd of July, Nordic walking obstacle course.

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