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Museum of Bell Foundry Mabilon, Saarburg

54439 Saarburg, Staden 130, Phone: +49(0)6581-2336

The Mabilon bell foundry has been in the family since 1590 and originated in Saumur on the Loire. From there, bells were cast while it was on the move. Back then, the problem of transporting heavy bells over long distances was circumvented by casting the bells right outside the church. The earliest remaining Mabilon bell in Germany was cast in the Sauerland during the time of the Thirty Years War. In 1770 Urbanus Mabilon settled in Saarburg and established a permanent foundry.  The art of bellfoundry has passed on from generation to generation as a carefully-kept secret up until today.  Bells were still cast in Saarburg up until 2002. Today the foundry has been carefully preserved in its original condition as a museum.


Contact: www.museum-glockengiesserei-mabilon.de