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Temmels (population 736)

Temmels has been marked by both viticulture and agriculture. In the year 634, Temmels was referred to for the first time in the will of the Deacon Adalgisel Grimo as Villa Tamaltio. Both settlement cores of the village were viewed on the one hand as Roman and on the other hand as Frankish in origin. Just like its neighbours, Temmels was part of Luxembourg from the Middle Ages up to the French Revolution. The Teutonic Knights owned property here since the 13th century. A particular architectural and cultural accent was provided by the former estate of the Trier Kommende (smallest division of an order) of the Teutonic Knights.

Experience Temmels:

Accommodation in bed and breakfasts and holiday, village square with fountain, wayside crosses with beautiful views of the area and Luxembourg, old farmhouses, angling, wine tasting, festival on the 1st Sunday in August, skating



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